» Warbird weekend and…

Warbird weekend and…

Warbird weekend and…

I just arrived back from an amazing trip from Monroe, NC. It was a nice 1100 Miles adventure in a beautiful November weather.

The air show was so great. I never seen so much old and and very nice usable plane like here. I saw the real history in one place and in the air too. Couple of acrobatic show kept the interest in high level between the really old historic plane fights.

Have you ever heard a P-10 Mustang sound in high airspeed?  You must!

B-25, Corsair, P-10 Mustang, L-39 Albatross,  etc… Check my photo album! It was not an easy job for select and prepare the photos but I enjoyed it.


The really surprise just came in today (Monday). I went to my community airport and was was there? One of the P-10 Mustang from the show. Plus an other local owned P-10 showed a little show over the airport just in the same time. The viewer number just increased suddenly after first low pass… 🙂 I

So let’s check the photos and see what did I see at Saturday!